SR Biosystem

Life Science Research Products

Since its inception, Gentaur has emerged as an internationally recognized supplier of quality custom nucleic acid and peptide synthesis services for researchers. Our continuing commitment in these areas has resulted in the introduction of novel kits for molecular biology which include:

  • OligoPlate for custom oligonucleotides covalently attached to microtiter plates
  • Anchored Oligo dT Kits for cDNA synthesis
  • Arbitrary 10mer Kits for random priming, fingerprinting and mapping
  • E. coli ORFmers – PCR Primers Designed to Amplify Each E. coli ORF
  • E-Link for reliable non-radioactive DNA labeling and detection
  • Vectorette II for positional cloning
  • GeneSCOUT for template preparation and recombinant screening
  • DecamerArray for RT-PCR, Fingerprinting and Mapping Techniques
  • Strep-tag: Genosys’s new Strep-tag II™ Protein Expression and Purification system
  • Restriction Enzymes
  • Modifying Enzymes
  • DNA Markers and Ladders
  • RNA and DNA Isolators
  • AffiniTip Micro-Columns for Streptavidin Capture of Biotinylated Molecules
  • SPOTs – Custom peptides synthesized on cellulose membranes for protein mapping.