SR Biosystem

Life Science Research Products

Elisa kits

USCN Life sciences Provides more than 5000 Elisa kits for analysis of variety of cytobinls Growth factors in Serum, Plasma, Tissue homogentis, Cell cysates, Cell culture supermates and other Biological fluids from Human, Rat, Mouse and other

Signalway Antibody

Sab is commited to provide high Quality antibody research tools for the global life science researches. The develops more than 4000 clunds of products, covering cell signal Transduction cancer, Slem cell, immunolog, neuroscience, apoktosis, infectious diseases and other areas.

Benchtop Tools

BioCision, LLC, is a leading manufacturer of portable bench top tools. Their Highly thermal conduxtive benchtop tube and plate modules and comptementary product lines are applicol to a wide array of scientific disciplines including cell and tissue culture and gyapusuata virus and bacterial, molecular biology and many others.

Molecular biology

Actgeny manufacturers Comprehensing range of RCR,DNA, Rna Elitropl and protien Electrophoresis that allow for ultrafast, simple and performance applicable.

Custom Peptide

GL Biochem (Shanghai) Ltd. is dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and marketing of diverse biochemical and fine chemicals, especially custom synthesis of peptides, peptide reagents and related products.

Assay Kits & Antibodies

We offers a wide range of Assay Kits and Antibodies for life science research and discovery.

Elisa Kits

Elabscience Biotechnology Co. Ltd (Elabscience) is a high-tech biotech corporation, specializing in reagents of immunodiagnostic technology. It offers more than 20,000 products, including ELISA kits, Antibody, and Proteins.


Expedeon Provide genuienly innovative solutions that are enable scientists to work faster, better and safe. Their protien discovery line of sample fractionation and protien fractionation products for Mass-Spectrometry is at the cutting edge of proteomic analysis.

Precision Biosystems

Precision Biosystems provides an instrumental solution to the difficult problem of laboratory automation. Their BlotCycler™ automates the process of Western blotting and improves the work flow and reduces the manual labour by providing a unique and creative approach to protein analysis. All steps after protein transfer to a membrane are fully automated: shaking, blocking, hybridization, washing, and recycling of the primary antibody.


Clinx Science Instruments is a leading manufacturer in BioImaging Systems in China. Their rich experienced research team develops and supply the most professional instruments and service to the scientific community.